A Case For The Ability To Unlearn And Rethink

After a bumpy flight, 15 men dropped from the Montana Sky. They weren’t skydivers. They were smokejumpers, elite wildland firefighters parachuting in to extinguish a forest fire started by lightning the day before. The crew leader believed the fire to be a regular 10 o’clock fire, meaning as per the fire department’s policy, all fires… Read More ›

A Preacher, A Prosecutor, A Politician, & A Scientist

As we think and talk, we slip into the mindset of different professions preachers, politicians and prosecutors. In each of these, we take on different identities. Case I. Imagine you have a friend who is a financial advisor, and he recommends you invest in a high growth fund retirement fund. Now imagine you have another… Read More ›

Thematic Investing, Eyeing the Future and Capitalizing on the Trends

Thematic investing focuses on investing in the companies that may benefit from future trends.  What is Thematic Investing? Thematic investing is a strategy that requires a fundamental understanding of the impact of long-term social, political and economic trends on regions and sectors, which reveal investable opportunities. Thematic investors are often keen to look out for… Read More ›

Investing Strategies For The Lifetime

Your investment strategy is your game plan to create your perfect portfolio. But you must find the strategy that best suits your situation, your risk tolerance and where you are in life. Twenty-year-old guys will have a different approach to investing than someone in their 60s. We generally spend hours preparing for the workday and… Read More ›

Pros and Cons of All ETF Portfolio

There are always ups and downs in the market and individual stocks. Having a portion of your investment allocated in ETFs can help ease the volatility in your portfolio. Exchange-Traded Funds blew up in popularity after their mass introduction in the early 2000s. And they continue to grow in popularity and the number of ETF’s…. Read More ›

How to Invest in The Bear Market

When everything in the economy is falling left, right and centre, how can you invest your money so that it helps you increase your overall portfolio returns in the long term?  A market doesn’t become bearish just because the stock market has gone down by a few percentage points, and the stock market has to… Read More ›

Pump & Dump In Memecoins and Cryptocurrency Market

Inside the World of Pump & Dump schemes and Tellegram’s private group operations. Instead of happening once every few years in traditional financial markets, P&D takes place multiple times a day, and they aren’t restricted to only one nation but are international. In the Crypto space, organisers of P&D groups choose the next meme coin… Read More ›

Advantages Of Investing and compounding In Your Twenties.

When time is on your side… The earlier you start investing in the market, the better your returns will be over the long term. If you start investing at the age of twenty, you have solid forty-five years of compounding before you need the money to fund your retirement.  You might think that you can… Read More ›

The Opportunity Cost of Staying Out of Investing

Just like your money, the opportunity cost compounds too! According to John Stuart Mill, Opportunity cost is the loss of potential gain from one option over another. In other words, what else could I have done with my money? For example, every time you decide to go for a night out, spend $100 on drinks rather than… Read More ›


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