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There would be nothing much ‘about us’ on this page. However, if you’d like to know what we can be, then you can continue on reading:

Have you ever experienced, when you forget some crucial/key information from books you recently read. You know that you have read that particular book through and through but you still cannot quite remember more than 50% of its contents. That’s right, you’re not alone when it comes to this. I have read more than 100 books in personal growth, personal finance, management and leadership and etc. such as Rich dad and poor dad, Find your why, The barefoot investor, 12 rules for life, 4 hour work week, finite and infinite game, and extreme ownership to name a few. These days I just don’t remember more than 20-30% of what these authors have talked about in their books. To combat this predicament, comes www.jollyinvestor.com where I plan to post writings/stories to extract key lessons out of books. The name Jolly investor is driven from Jolly represent Happiness physical and psychological health and well being of an individual, and Investor represent an individual regardless of their age group who is focussed not only on monetary growth but personal growth as well.

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